Relationship Coaching

Relationship Coaching

What a Coaching Session is Like

A coaching session will look slightly different depending on what methods your life coach uses and what stage of coaching you’re in. This relationship is dynamic and it will change over time because you will start getting used to how you work best with them, and they will accommodate their methods to fit your strengths as time goes on.

Life coaching sessions will gradually reveal what’s holding you back and what exactly you get stuck on so that you can identify and break down the mental and emotional blocks or limiting beliefs that stand in the way of your success and progress. A life coach is great at helping you see what’s in your blind spots and getting you to look at things from a different perspective. The importance of this is that you can only truly get this through the help of another person like a life coach who is helping you examine your life and goals. This isn’t something you can simply learn from a book and that’s why life coaching sessions are extremely valuable.

Getting couples in sync is a hallmark of relationship coaching.

Good relationships are built in a systematic fashion.

Communication, Respect, Trust, Intimacy and then Love. Most couples are hanging on to love without the other pieces of relationships that are critical to success.  We work together to fix issues beginning with your communication and laying better foundations for success in your relationships.


The quality of your life equals the quality of your relationships. Want to re-kindle the passion? Get outside of yourself? Improve your connection and communication?  How about trading your expectations for appreciation, and shift back into that mode of giving that was present when you first met? Create a real and true relationship again by learning to let go of the past, stop keeping score, and step into the present moment.

Single? A Results Coach can help you breakthrough - remove beliefs that are sabotaging you and keeping you from true connection. Change what is going on inside yourself and find the relationship you want by eliminating the thoughts and attitudes that limit you and learn to attract the people you want in your life.

The Outcome

The outcome of a life coaching session is a feeling of direction and purpose. Instead of those feelings of being lost or constantly frustrated by either not being able to reach your goals, or just disappointment in failing to try, you will feel energized and mobilized. When you are finally able to crack the code on setting doable goals and taking the correct steps to follow through, it is an incredible feeling. Your life coach is there to get you moving as soon as possible so that you begin to feel more confident and productive right away and carry that energy into the rest of your life. The happiness that comes with having a clear vision and actually witnessing yourself achieve your goals is validating, and the best thing that comes out of life coaching sessions.

A life coaching session will generally include a discovery time near the beginning to figure out where you are, what you’re doing and what you should do. After that, the sessions will be more about holding you accountable to the steps you should be taking to get where you need to go, and tackling problems that may pop up along the way. A coach is focused on three main things: taking action, staying accountable and following through. These three things guarantee success and will be an integral part of how your coaching sessions are handled.

What Your Relationship with Your Coach is Like

You may initially be unsure about what your relationship with your coach should look like. The relationship should be based on trust and be something that is constantly challenging you. The ultimate goal for a life coach is not to tell you what to do but to ask you the right questions so that you tell yourself what to do. Then they are responsible for holding you accountable for the decisions you make, and goals you set.

A life coach can be similar to a lot of things like a consultant, advocate, facilitator, navigator, and more but ultimately they are there to get you to take action. The relationship is bound to fail if you expect them to be just a friend who cheers you on, or just a consultant who gives you all of the answers and data you need. They are there to help you succeed so they will push you and challenge you to look at things differently and stay on the right track. This is a relationship that is a partnership. You can trust them to be a non-judgmental party who is looking out for your best interest with no ulterior motive except to see you succeed.

We also found out that teaching our clients the life coaching techniques we use contributes to their success because they adopt a life coaching mentality and can become their own life coaches long after they finish their life coaching with us.

Appreciation for the change process, not just the end result.

Many people doing our life coaching program start with, “I will be happy when I reach my goal”. In our program, Happiness and “only when” do not go hand in hand.

A good understanding of communication styles
As part of our course on human behavior we take all our clients through the communication style session.  We pride ourselves for bringing 30+ years of experience in communication styles and the messages that people send in relationships that are clear and the ones that are misleading.

A positive outlook on relationships and other people
Relationships are essential for success, health and wealth. All our clients improve their relationships with loved one and develop courage in contacting old friends, family members and colleges to sort out old problems. When this load is off their chest, they are free to move forward faster.

Good stress and emotional management skills
Stress is a big killer in our society. Almost all our clients have some stress in their life and in our course we teach research based and easy techniques to identify stressors and eliminate them.

Ability to spend time on self-development
All clients who come for life coaching consider the coaching time as a dedicating time to themselves and investing in themselves. They understand their motivation and how self development is the currency in the personal or business world.

More understanding and acceptance of self and others
An important part of the Be Happy in LIFE program, as an emotional intelligence program, is the ability to understand and accept self and others. Clients learn to work with the world around them rather than aim to change the world or fight against it. There is much calm and freedom in acceptance and forgiveness and during the process a huge load is lifted and allows them to move forward. We have four different sessions that are dedicated to achieving this and most of the clients make the biggest changes after the first one.

A sense of belonging
Some people see themselves as different mainly because they are. In this program as the focus is about keeping the individuality and not compromising on what others want the client to be, they learn to recognise those who are similar to them. No matter how different you are or were all your life. No matter how horrible and unique your circumstances were or are there are people out there that had something worst and succeeded.

Modifying Expectations

The real problem is that the reasons people separate or divorce do not just disappear after. In fact, there is a big chance they will give birth to more problems. If you are not happy with your relationship and think separation will make you happier, think again. Chances are you have attributed the failure of the relationship to your spouse, but if it were only one person’s failure, life would be much easier. Blaming someone else and trying to change the partner instead of working on yourself sounds like a convenient way to handle stress. Walking away only seems easy. but in soon becomes long term pain.To save your relationship, the first step is to have realistic, reasonable expectations and demands regarding yourself and your partner. If your expectations are irrational and unrealistic, you are likely to be disappointed and frustrated and unconsciously behave in a way that might lead to separation. Our modern society has indeed become a disposable society. We change jobs often, throw things away after buying new ones and move houses more than in the past, so changing relationships seems to many people like a modern trend. Partners consider separation and divorce as a way of getting out of the routine. Living together with the same person seems boring and the need for excitement and change is missing. Marriage is not a computer game, and you cannot just press “escape”.

Recognizing other people’s feelings (empathy)

This means understanding what other people are really feeling and why they say or do what they do. Empathy was found to be a biological function that was either stimulated or suppressed during childhood and highly connected to communication styles, love languages and feelings of worth or lack of worth.

Managing other people’s feelings (motivation)

This means inspiring desired emotions and behaviors in others. Helping and supporting others to manage their own feelings can contribute to a bond in any relationship. If you learn what your partner wants to achieve and feel, and have the tool to motivate him/her to get what he/she wants, this is the best win/win relationship. You are more likely to receive this in return from your partner when you need to pass some hard “tests” in life.

What We’ll Work on Together:

Create a secure emotional connection between you so you can communicate lovingly, without hurting each other.

Build a zone of safety and trust inside your relationship that promotes intimacy and warmth between you.

End the painful PUSH/PULL dynamic of one partner chasing for attention while the other withdraws.

Learn how to resolve conflict fast before it ever escalates into a fight.

End recurring fights once and for all. This session will remove the constant tension between you so you can stop tiptoeing around each other and start sharing life together.

Feel deeply understood: Truly ‘get’ each other’s world, motives and differing perspectives, by understanding and appreciating each your unique personality traits.

Create a mutually inspiring vision: One that acts as a beacon to guide your relationship through the inevitable rocky moments and keeps you both excited about the future you’re moving towards.

Passionate sex: Learn how to keep the spark of passion alive in the bedroom (HINT: this has nothing to do with new positions).

Become a team. We’ll learn how to move from to separate ME’s to one united WE, without losing yourself or giving up on your personal wants and dreams.

Why Should We Work With You.

You shouldn’t just hire me. Hire somebody with a proven track record that you respect. If that’s me, great. Let’s get going. If you’re not sure yet, go and use all the free advice on this website and give me a free call.


$75-150 per 60 min hour

$50 for a half our session

- Sliding scale based on ability to pay


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